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Pilgrimages for the Soul

Dear Sweet Soul,

Like the shattered glass of a mirror, so too, do you hold all of the same qualities.

You can look into each broken piece and see the wholeness of your image...and yet, something inside of you is telling you there's still something missing.

To go on pilgrimage is to follow the nudges of your heart that intuitively know where the remaining pieces lie. Your only job is to follow the clues and begin to reclaim your most brilliant and holy Self. 

xo, Mandy

Journey to Lemuria

is the mountain calling you?

Mount Shasta Retreat

There’s a well-known legend that says that somewhere deep beneath Northern California’s 14,179-foot-tall Mount Shasta is a complex of tunnels and a hidden city called Telos, the ancient “City of Light” for the Lemurians. They were the residents of the mythical lost continent of Lemuria, which met its demise under the waves of the Pacific (or the Indian Ocean, depending on who you ask) thousands of years ago. Lemurians believed to have survived the catastrophe are said to have settled in Telos, and over the years their offspring have been sporadically reported wandering around the area: seven-feet-tall, with long flowy hair, often clad in sandals and white robes.

Lemurians aren’t the only unusual figures said to inhabit this stand-alone stratovolcano, easily seen from Interstate 5, about 60 miles south of the Oregon border. Mount Shasta is believed to be a home base for the Lizard People, too, reptilian humanoids that also reside underground. The mountain is a hotbed of UFO sightings, one of the most recent of which occurred in February 2020. (It was a saucer-shaped lenticular cloud.) In fact, the mountain is associated with so many otherworldly, paranormal, and mythical beings—in addition to long-established Native American traditions—that it’s almost like a who’s who of metaphysics.

But one thing is for sure: for anyone who travels there, a rapid opening and intense healing occurs as the higher frequencies meet the mind, the body, and most importantly, the heart.

What to expect

Journey to the Sacred Vortex and Portals on Mt Shasta + Connect to the Lemurian beings and the Ascended Masters.

Reunite with your star family frequencies + experience intense Energy Clearing Activations and synchronistic manifestations.

Experience a Reishi Fire Release Ceremony + make contact through a Starship Session Night on Mt Shasta.  

Nourish yourself with Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and local vegetarian Organic Meals.

Includes retreat experiences, lodging and organic vegetarian meals.

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July 19-23, 2023

Includes retreat experiences, lodging and organic vegetarian meals.


per person

Two dates to choose from

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July 25-29, 2023

Includes retreat experiences, lodging and breakfast. Shared accommodation. 


per person

"For to go on pilgrimage is to make the body and its actions express the desires and beliefs of the soul. Pilgrimage unites belief with action, thinking with doing, and it makes sense that this harmony is achieved when the sacred has material presence and location." 



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