I'm Mandy,
YOUR meditation teacher + guide for mindful living

Using the science and wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork, I guide individuals on transformative journeys towards optimal mental health and spiritual awakening.

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Breathwork Training

I want to share breathwork with others and become a powerful and inspiring facilitator.

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Meditation Training

I want to teach other people meditation and learn how to guide them towards better states of physical, mental and emotional health.

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The Practice by Mandy Trapp™

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I'm ready to start my journey with meditation and breathwork by joining an online community full of resources, practices, and support.

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Mandy Trapp is a global meditation and mindfulness expert specializing in stress management and spiritual development. She is the founder of the Lifestyle Meditation Academy and has certified over 3,000 meditation and mindfulness teachers around the world. Her teachings are rooted in spiritual psychology, neuroscience, and energetic insights. She is the creator of The Practice™, a membership program with the focus on supporting the mental and spiritual health of others through interactive learning and powerful practices such as meditation and breathwork.

Mandy is known for her grounded, practical, and accessible approach to meditation and spirituality which has allowed tens of thousands around the world to confidently move through the stresses and limitations of life and towards more peace and fulfillment. She is also the owner of El Refugio, an up and coming coveted wellness retreat destination in the beautiful Okanagan, B.C, Canada. 

Meet Mandy...

“Developing my own meditation practice with the support of Mandy has helped me to become more focused, mindful, congruent, a healthier human being and a much stronger healer."

-Dr. brenden chretien

I left a very successful career as an Athletic Trainer to support the mental and spiritual health of others. I founded a non-profit in India and Nepal for girls and women effected by Human Trafficking. And, after 20 years in the mental health arena, I feel like I am just getting started.

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Meditation For Beginners

Learn more about the science of stress and how a simple meditation practice can make a massive difference in your life!

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Big changes are a result of small, consistent actions. My goal is to support you in creating a daily practice that you love and look forward to.

Here's the deal: I don't want you to miss the announcements about my live events, retreats, or even new drops in the store because if you do, these things sell out QUICKLY! 

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