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The Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork Academy is perfect for those seeking the resources, experience and support to make an impact.

the real truth:

The reality is, we've outgrown "Guru's,"  pulled our leaders off of pedestals and hid our Elders away in seniors homes- all of which is an effect of evolution. Problem is, we still need guidance and have no idea of where to turn.

My suggestion is always this: you must first turn inwards.
Meditation is not only a practice to reduce stress, but it is the only way that we can quiet the monkey mind long enough to listen to what the heart and the gut have to say. And once you know, you know. 
And then you'll get the hang of that, and others will ask you things like, " Why do you seem so peaceful? How can you be so confident? What can I do to be as happy and unbothered as you?" 
And just like that, a true leader is born.

The NEW leaders, lead from their own inspiring stories of transformation. They don't only tell us what to do, but they show us how to BE.

Breathwork Certification

  Apply for this LIVE, in-person training, that is an intimate, hands-on experience that will provide you with everything you need to be an inspiring and effective breathwork facilitator.

join us may 18-25, 2024

Meditation + Mindfulness Certification

Join our LIVE, in-person training that will provide you with the growth, confidence and support that you need to become a safe and powerful place for others to prosper.


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 This training provides knowledge and practices that will empower you to support individuals and groups towards greater physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

* This online, self-paced training is a pre-requisite for both our Meditation Teacher Certification and our Breathwork Facilitator Certification.

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 Become a Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork
 Certified Meditation + Mindfulness Teacher

Become a Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork
Certified Breathwork Facilitator 

Join us march 11-16, 2024

Mandy changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my life if not for her.

— Lauren, san fransisco

“It's amazing to me how quickly one can feel lighter, more optimistic, and in charge of their life.”

— Julianna bootsman, edmonton

Meditation Script for calming the busy mind

Sometimes our desire to help outweighs the tools that we have to be effective. Download this simple meditation script and use the powerful gentleness of your own voice to bring peace and comfort to others.

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