Are you ready to set your life on FIRE?

Are you ready to set your life on FIRE?

Unlock the power of breath as you immerse yourself in the art and science of conscious connected breathing, and discover how to harness this life force for deep, restorative healing and personal empowerment.

introducing our inaugural breathwork certification

Class starts March 25, 2024!

It's time to be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Never has there been such a profoundly healing modality that simultaneously serves both the helper and the participant, as conscious-connected breathwork. The very practice says it all...CONNECTED.
When we experience pain in our bodies, our minds, and in our souls, we are being shown where we have become disconnected. As a breathwork guide, you will receive the highest gift of reconnection: that with yourself, others, and the entire universe around you.

 Are you ready?

Studies show that the need to deal with stress in a different, non-pharmaceutical way is increasing rapidly.

I've always believed that our heart knows the way- we just need to get the mind on board.

and, meditation and breathwork practices are rising quickly


Based on datasets provided by Fitbit, The Global Wellness Institute found that since March of 2020, time spent meditating has increased by 2,900% around the world!


It is believed that meditation and breathwork can help people reach higher states of consciousness thereby helping them to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. 


Breathwork is a blanket term used to describe a wealth of ancient practices that uniquely manipulate the breath to achieve a desired result. The intention can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. 


A study published in the "Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback" proposes that instead of targeting neurotransmitters with medication, reversing homeostatic imbalances through meditation involving breathwork may be a more effective approach to address the comprehensive physiological changes that occur in stress, anxiety and depression.

“The Practice: Breathwork, is unlike anything that I've ever experienced. And that's a good thing!"

"I felt like I had tried it all when it came to my mental health and my healing journey...and then I attended one of Mandy's breathwork events. I can't put my finger on what was so magical about it, but she definitely had a way of guiding me to a place that I had never been before. It was a combination of the breath, the music, and her cues that broke me free."

— jordon g. edmonton

The Practice: Breathwork..

I teach exactly what I need.

Remember being a kid and asking your parents or your teachers WHY you have to do what they are suggesting, only to hear, " Because I said so?" or, "Because that's just the way it is?"
I heard that all the time, but honestly, I didn't listen. Lol!
I needed to know for myself. And because of that, I've always sought teachers who had a different answer. And that answer has been, "Because I've had this experience, and this was what I needed." 

I've looked everywhere for teachers who've been there AND who are still there. Those are the teachers who went all in and learned their lessons. Those are the teachers who didn't quickly run off, but decided to stay and wait for the others to arrive so that when they do, they can share what they've learned.

Are you ready to share this practice?

Consciously connecting...

For me, conscious connected breathing is not only something that happens within the individual, it is also what is happening within the collective. It's the conscious connection between the breather and the facilitator, as well as the breather and all others who are present. 
And though these immersive experiences can feel full, free, and significant, they are merely practices.
These practices are the places where we get messy, we fall apart, and then we come back together again, and again, and again. We do this in preparation for every re-entry back into the game we call, Life. 

"The Practice: Breathwork" is a process, a method, and a path towards greater freedom, joy, and connection in every area and in every stage of your life.

We breathe in and out about 22,000 times each day and yet, almost no one notices.

Imagine if you directed just one of those exhales towards your healing, your power, or your purpose...

Dive deep into the intricate layers of our most fundamental life force—the breath. Unravel the mysteries of the breath, and gain insight into the physiological, emotional, and energetic aspects of respiration. By understanding the anatomy of the breath, you will discover how to harness this powerful force for relaxation, stress relief, and enhanced mental clarity. 

From the ancient yogic practices in India, to shamanic rituals in South America, to modern day breathwork sessions around the world – breathwork has improved the lives of people across the ages. In this module, we will cover ancient techniques used by shamans and 1960s psycho-explorers that laid the groundwork for our current-day applications of conscious breathing as a holistic therapy. Understanding the history and purpose of breathwork and its traditional methods helps us to appreciate just how far this practice has come.

In this experiential module, you will learn how to harness the innate power of your breath to influence the flow of life force within the body. Learn a variety of guided breathwork exercises and mindfulness practices, to manage excess energy in the body that contributes to mental instability, and learn how to transmute it into something useful and empowering.

Here's What You'll Learn

The Anatomy of Breath

The Origins of Breathwork

Directing Life-force

module one

module two

As the connected breath stirs the emotions stored in the body, the rising waters within activate the mind: the thoughts, memories, and desires. In this module you will explore the shamanic practice of recapitulation, as a method for moving stuck energy and releasing pain + trauma from the body.

At Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork, we recognize the profound connection between breath and trauma resolution. This module is carefully designed to  acknowledge the impact of trauma on the mind and body, and offer a mindful approach to healing through intentional breathwork. Join Sarah Salter-Kelly, our special guest teacher,  and expert in the field of trauma-recovery, as you learn how to prepare, identify, and support others as they navigate their journey through the modality of the breath.

Explore the use of intention, sound, and focus as we pull everything together into a cohesive, nurturing, and powerful sequence that serves to free the body, heal the mind, and awaken the Soul. 
It's time to get excited about music, drumming, affirmations, mantras, and ceremony!
During the retreat you will have the opportunity to craft your own unique breathwork session, using The Practice™ framework, and guide your fellow students through it!

Pairing the Mind

Responding to Trauma

The Practice™ Breathwork

module four

module six

the retreat

module five

Through conscious connected breathing, you will explore the rhythm and depth of your breath, creating a continuous flow that fosters a heightened state of awareness. The addition of entrainment principles introduces the concept of syncing breath with various modalities, such as sound or rhythm, to facilitate a synergistic alignment of energies.
Learn to synchronize your breath with external cues, amplifying the transformative potential of the practice.

Connecting the  Breath

module Three


How It Works

Register for the Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork: Foundations Training through the link on the website. This must be completed before you begin.

First This

Register for the Breathwork Certification on this page. Please be sure to check the dates and ensure your participation.

Then This

Join us for our bi-weekly, online lessons and complete your certification at our LIVE retreat in Vernon, B.C

Finally, This

“The Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork Academy is the place where I found my clarity and confidence to serve in a massive way.”

- nina r. new york, ny.

Kind words


“I took this training thinking I would like to heal others and ended up experiencing the greatest healing for myself.”

- kathryn b, colorado

Kind words


A year from now you will have wished you started today...

So let's get you started!

I believe that we know what to do, we just need the love, support, and motivation to do it. This isn't just "A Training," it's a new perspective, a new lifestyle, and a new community. 
Once you embark on this journey, things will begin to change quickly. Things will fall away, and beautiful things will come in and take their place. 
We are here to support you to be the leader that you were born to be.


You were born to serve your own growth, but also the healing and evolution of the planet. If you are looking around right now and are  wondering, "How can I help?" Look no further than within your own heart.

your callings aren't random.

You got this.

“Each breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance; that can only be celebrated if we recognize what is happening."

— Cristen Rodgers

"Thank-you doesn't seem like enough but it will have to do. Thank-you for bringing me home to myself. Thank-you for bringing me home to my community and true support. And thank-you for bringing me home to those I am meant to serve, support, and love."

- Jada, Vancouver, bc




"I am blown away and so inspired by the training that I signed up for! I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I am more full than ever with knowledge, resources, and inspiration!"

- Ryan, Edmonton

“I had no idea!”



I'm Mandy, your teacher, sister, friend!

My knowledge comes from years of training (starting in Post Secondary with a specialization in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology), followed by my Vedic Masters Education at Chopra University. But perhaps what helps me to be the best teacher I can be are the lessons learned while raising 3 kids, opening Canada's first mainstream meditation centre AND painfully breaking down the stereotypes and criticism that I've faced for years because of the work I do. 
And, it's all been worth it to bring me here... 

more about me

Hey there!

live learning sessions online

in-person, all-inclusive practicum/ retreat


Follow a proven roadmap with "the practice"

This certification includes everything you need to create BIG ripples in a reasonable period of time.

I get it! You're ready to GO and you want it all now! 
Most trainings are either run over just a few days, leaving you feeling panicked and overwhelmed (with little to no support with integration), OR, they take place over a long, drawn-out, period of time in order to justify a huge investment or because they simply believe that they need to keep you idling for as long as they can until you've reached a level of mastery before being set loose to facilitate.
I've been creating and leading teacher trainings for over a decade and what I know to be true is that the majority of our mastery comes from the DOING. 
But I also know enough to not throw you to the wolves too quickly! It's important that you don't only know what to do, but why you are doing it. In this line of work it's never a matter of, "If" things show up, but when they do.  And because of that, you must be prepared.
The intention of this training is to prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be the best guide that you can be.  

Bi-Weekly classes are held online

Monday, March 25 (7-10pm mst.)
Monday, April 8 (7-10pm mst.)
Monday, April 22 (7-10pm mst.)
Monday, May 6 (7-10pm mst.)
Monday, May 20 (7-10pm mst.)
Monday, June 3 (7-10pm mst.)

The Retreat

Sunday, June 9 @6pm
Friday, June 14 wrap-up dinner and celebration
Saturday, June 15 check-out

6 nights accommodation and all meals are included.
Students will have to arrange personal travel to and from El Refugio, in Vernon, B.C

Join us for our next training!

Enroll Now

This is for you if:

you are ready to dive in and do some big work

you feel like you've done enough personal work already and only want to teach

you are open to new learning and self-development

you are still really deep in your own healing journey and feel easily overwhelmed around others

you feel prepared to up-level the work you are doing in the world

It's probably not for you if...

you don't have the time or capacity to attend the online learning sessions and/or the retreat

Let's Do This!

So what are you waiting for?

Will I receive a certificate?

Absolutely! As a Certified Breathwork Facilitator with Lifestyle Meditation + Breathwork, you will receive an official certificate along with our unique logos designed specifically for our certified teachers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What prerequisites do I need in order to enroll?

It is required that you take the Foundations of Meditation + Mindfulness Training before beginning your Breathwork Certification.

What type of support will I receive from the Lifestyle Meditation Academy?

We're glad you asked! We are a small but mighty team who are here to answer all our your questions along the way. And because we are real people, you can email AND call us! We will always do our best to help. You can reach us at:  or
1(780) 566-7968

What is the cancellation policy?

All registrations require a non-refundable $600 deposit to hold your space. 
- Any cancellations made 90+ days before training start day will receive a full refund (less $600 deposit)
- Any cancellations made 60-90 days before training start day will receive a 50% refund (less $600 deposit)
- Any cancellations made with less than 60 days before training start date will not receive any refund.
Thank you for your understanding :)

I'm already an LM Certified Teacher. Do I still need to take the Foundations Training?

Yes :)
It's important that everyone is on the same page and up to speed with the training that was just re-written and re-released June 2023. 

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

It is important to us that we look for roads to bring these trainings to sensitive communities that would not otherwise have access to such valuable information and healing modalities. Because of that, we reserve 2 spaces for each training (at a significantly discounted rate), that are offered to those who intend to work in these areas. If this feels like you, please send us an email and share your story


Lifestyle Meditation+breathwork certified teachers


Number of times I cried about that


countries with lma certified teachers


the youngest + the oldest lma certified teachers
shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself and your business is an important one! If there are any outstanding questions or you would like more support, we're here!

Still on the fence?